Sports And Physical Activity Of Sports Essay

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I have a very long history with sports and physical activity as a whole, and it started from a very young age. As a child, I was very chubby and not the ideal size for sports. This might have been a problem for my family because every since I can remember, all I would hear were stories from the glory days when the older people in my family could play sports as much as they wanted. Although we are not the most dedicated fans in terms of watching sports on television. You 'll never meet a family more competitive or focused with anything that involves a winner and a loser. So having a child in the family that was not going to be able to play sports might have been a bit disappointing. There was always hope that my genes would be enough to pull me through this awkward phase. I 'll never forget my aunt used to always say "with those hands he 's going to be bigger than a linebacker, just watch."
Being part of this type of family, I didn 't want to be the "black sheep." So I began watching and playing sports, during elementary school. Looking back now I do not know if it was my love for sports or the pressure to fit it in. Either way, I am happy I decided to do so.
I have lived in the same neighbourhood all my life. The neighbourhood and elementary school I went to is filled with predominantly African American and Italian people. Not to sound like I am enforcing any stereotypes, but this greatly effected the sports I decided to play growing up. I started doing track and field,…

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