Essay about Sports And Its Effect On Children

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When the term “student athlete” comes to mind what are some of thoughts that pop across people’s heads? Do they see someone who is always lifting weights, the popular kid in school, or a so called “dumb jock”? These are some of the stereotypes that we have of athletes. Sports have more of a positive impact on children that can improve many aspects of their lives. “The potential for sport participation to improve graduation rates, keep students in school longer and increase daily attendance should lead administrators to adamantly support interscholastic sport.” (Krings). Children that play sports are more benefited than those who aren’t involved with sports. Children that are involved with sports have better academic scores. Sports encourage children to maintain high academic scores, this can also help encourage students to attend college. Children that play on sport teams are more socially active because they are around kids all the time and have to work together for one common goal. Children also build friendships through sports teams that are carried off the field. Sports also help keep children healthy. Sports require children to use their physical energy and eat healthy foods which will help their body for the rest of their lives. Athletics have a positive impact on children because it increases academic scores, increases social activity, and helps keep kids healthy.
Children that are involved in athletics have higher test scores and grades than children who are not…

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