Sports : A Competitive Nature Of A Nation Or Just A Small Community

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Sports have great meaning in many cultures because they are often used as a peaceful battle. These battles are often used to show superiority over others. Humans seem to have a competitive nature that creates their love for sports. As humans, we don 't want to seem weaker than others so losing a game can create anger and battles off the field. Sports have a great meaning in a culture of a nation or just a small community. In my high school community sports are very important, sometimes seeming to come before school work, friends and family. I always know how important sports are in my community what I didn’t know is how important sports are to all humanities. As humans competition is important to us and sports are a way for us to compete in a safe way.

Sports have always played a big role in my school. My school has grades from prekindergarten through twelfth. Our school does not have more than four hundred students and it is not uncommon for high schoolers to have the same teachers they had in elementary school. We had the same two physical education teachers for our years there. One of them is Mr. Van, not only is he the P.E. teacher but is also the varsity boys soccer, basketball and baseball coach. In elementary school, we started doing sit ups while dribbling a basketball next to us. He encouraged us to get involved in the youth sports and so we did. Sitting here I cannot think of one person I went to school with that did not play a sport. It is considered important…

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