Sport And The Sociological Imagination Essay

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Essay Question #1 – Sport and the Sociological Imagination
Throughout history victors and their fan bases have always been known to celebrate extensively, often times with violence. In ancient times and even as recently as World War II, conquering armies would lay waste to their opponents cities after defeating them. While it was not as common in more recent battles, armies such as Genghis Khan’s in the 13th century and the Ottoman Empire in the late 13th and early 14th centuries were famous for pillaging towns and villages after conquering them as well as raping the women. Nowadays these displays, while not nearly as dangerous and horrific occur in the sports world at least once a year. For example, on June 15, 1990, when the Detroit Pistons won the NBA Championship, the celebrations that ensued caused eight deaths as well as numerous instances of fans looting and vandalizing property (Levin, 1990). While this has become a common occurrence in sports today, it is extremely complex. Why fans decide to go berserk and cause mayhem seems to be tied to multiple aspects of society which I will explain by discussing the cultural, technological, and economic aspects of society that help explain the reason for this need for destruction.
Being a fan of a certain professional team brings different types of people together in more ways than imaginable. It can make people best friends or it can cause massive arguments that sometimes end in fights. In an experiment done by YouTube…

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