Spoken Language Holds More Information Than Written Essay

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Spoken language holds more information than written. This is because while speaking, an audience is able to understand the feeling of the speaker as there is tone and body language. In written language this is not known as its just plain text. The speakers feeling are also shown by paralinguistic features which are body language, posture, eye contact and hand gestures. As well as this, spoken language contains features like fillers and hedges. All this is adds emotion to speech which is something rare in written language. The way a speech is being addressed can control the effect it has on the audience. Unlike spoken, written language tends to be more sophisticated with longer sentences and complex language.

Elizabeth I delivered a speech to her army at Tilbury in 1588 after a successful battle against the Spanish Armada. Out of the 30 000 Philip sent only 10 000 returned. Not only were they defeated but the reputation of the supposedly 'invincible ' Spanish Armada was ruined. The English awaited the arrival of the Spanish for a land invasion and in order to motivate them Elizabeth I delivered an astonishing speech. However the battle never came making the English victorious.

On 5th of November 2008, Obama was elected as the new president of USA and addressed the nation in Chicago. As he was the first black president of USA, Obama had a lot of pressure to make his first impression as good as possible. The country had rooted for him so he had to show them that it was the…

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