Pros And Cons Of Obama's Hypocrisy

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President Obama’s Hypocrisy
President Barack Hussein Obama is the forty fourth president of the United States elected in 2008 and he is the first president, under the constitution, of African descent. He worked his way up from the Illinois State Senate to the US Senate and was officially sworn in as president on January 20, 2009. Given his background in politics, logically, people assumed that he was a responsible, trustworthy candidate for president; however, his actions prove otherwise. His past work does not stand for his mental ability to run and decide for a country. Instead of his idea of “hope” and “change”, his presidency has brought the United States to the brink of ruin. He has portrayed himself as a person of great importance by
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According to Coral Davenport 's article, "the analysis estimated that Keystone would support 42,000 temporary jobs over its two-year construction period — about 3,900 of them in construction and the rest in indirect support jobs, such as food service. The department estimated that the project would create about 35 permanent jobs." Obama believed that with the creation of thousands of jobs in which only 40 are permanent, there is no benefit to the working class. Nonetheless, opening up jobs, for a short amount of time, for those who are unemployed is still better than not having jobs at all. If Obama really wanted an event to effect the environment and hold permanent jobs for citizens, why does he not just pull out of foreign affairs and spend his last moments in office thinking of one. Consequently, the denial of the pipe is one of multiple efforts Obama has taken, as he executes his ideas for climate change in the tail end of his last term in office

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