Keystone Pipeline Pros And Cons

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Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man 's needs, but not every man 's greed”. People in this world, even to this very day still yearn for anything they want and perform actions in order to achieve their goals. There have been several instances where we have failed to take time and think about the consequences and impacts our actions could have on society. For the past few years, Canada and the United States have started to build a pipeline that travels through both countries. This pipeline known as the Keystone Pipeline and it carries petroleum across the country. Recently, they have proposed an additional pipeline called the Keystone XL which has not been installed yet. The installation of the Keystone XL pipeline should be disapproved by the United States Government for it will bring both environmental and economic disadvantages, leaving our nation vulnerable
Our country’s dependence on gasoline has significantly increased as a result of the increase in
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Although the pipeline’s construction would create many job opportunities, the majority of them would only be temporary. As stated previously, the Keystone XL project will provide for approximately 42,000 temporary jobs. However, after the expected 2 years of construction, the pipeline is predicted to only support 35 permanent jobs, which is minuscule compared to the amount of temporary jobs. As the construction of the pipeline will contribute approximately 3.4 billion dollars to the United States economy, our country will still have spent much more. The Keystone XL pipeline have increased it’s cost by almost fifty percent. TransCanada says the cost of the pipeline has increased to 8 million dollars, which is significantly more money spent to create the pipeline than it gives to the economy

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