Speech to Persuade for Travel Essay

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Planning Your Vacation

Imagine getting away from the monotony of your everyday life. You can lie on the beach sipping a cool drink miles away from your worries of getting a paper done or helping a customer at work. You can be on top of a mountain overlooking beautiful lands that are different from your own backyard. Half of the class has taken a vacation less than five times in their lifetimes, but let’s face that most of those probably included those little family vacations to Disneyland. But, all of you said that you planned to travel someday. So, why not do it sooner than later? One of the reasons for not traveling that many of you put is not having time because of school or work. Also, one of your major concerns is
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1. First, I researched and compared, which led me to the decision to visit some friends in Seattle with my boyfriend.
2. Next, I did even more comparisons with all the major and not so major sites to help plan a vacation package.
3. Within a couple days I was able to find the best deal that met both of our work schedules, which included his graveyard shift with Mondays and Tuesdays off.
4. Not only did I find something that fit our time schedule, by leaving Monday morning and coming back Wednesday evening, but I found something that fit our budget as well.
5. For under $600, we get the flight, nice hotel, an unlimited mileage rental car, and some free meals.
6. The winning website for me this time was Expedia.com.
(TRANSITION: Now, I can give you some quick tips to make your traveling experience that much easier and enjoyable.)
III. There are many little things you can do to make your trip a little bit better, from the travel store to sightseeing.
1. First thing you want to do is invest in a TSA lock, so the security officials can search your luggage, and you will not get your favorite traveling outfit stolen.
2. You will also want to invest in the lightest possible luggage, because when you are getting off of trains and taxis, you will be cursing your heavy stuff.
3. That small, lightweight luggage needs something to fit all your clothes, so you might also think

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