Speech To Become The Supreme Leader Of Coginchaug High School

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Salutations! It has come time in our great school to elect a supreme leader that will guide our school in a direction of prosperity. The supreme leader should be a person who looks at all the aspects of education, and puts the student’s needs first. That is why I, Victoria Slight, am running to be the supreme leader of Coginchaug Regional High School. I will make every effort to improve the lives of the students by making several necessary changes to our fine establishment. The changes that I will enact will save our school money, increase order, and finally ensure the safety of our students.
In my time here I have noticed quite a few aspects of our school that can be changed in order to improve the atmosphere, and the work ethic of the school.
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One set of rules that is not being correctly followed is the dress code. Now I know that the dress code of this school is notorious in being strict, but is it really? The rulebook states that a student cannot wear “garments designed to be worn out-of doors.” If this is the case then all those students you see walking around with fleece jackets, coats, or gloves, are in violation of the dress code. In accordance with the procedure that is in the rulebook, all students that are wearing fleece jackets, coats, or gloves inside should remove that particular article of clothing and replace it with something that is meets the dress code standards. Also according to the dress code slippers are not allowed to be worn, yet I see many people each day that are wearing slippers in the hallways. Once again, in accordance with the procedure all students should remove their slippers and replace them with something that is suitable for school. This means that their shoes must not cause scuff marks or have any sharp or metal pieces. When I become supreme leader I will ensure that any student found violating the dress code will be penalized accordingly. Disregarding the rules will not under any circumstances be tolerated, so the action that will be taken for any violation of the dress code will include a recitation of the dress code rules by the student about which clothes they cannot wear. This will be the disciplinary action that will be taken, because it will remind the students exactly what they can’t wear. Now I know this might sound a bit excessive, but we are simply enforcing the rules that have already been set forth. How can we expect the students to follow the rules, if we allow for such standard rules to be broken continually? If you do not think that this is not a problem let me ask you, how many of you see someone

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