Essay on Speech On Literacy And Literacy

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Literacy, I recall a time when I would reflect on this word at an early age and swear it’s meaning was no more than that of a 4th grade library book. My initial attempts of comprehending the true meaning of literacy got me nowhere close to evolving this particular concept in a way that made sense to me. Upon asking teachers and guardians about literacy I would always get the same answer, but to no avail, this answer would seep straight through me and fall through my cracks, never to find a permanent home in my mind to dwell and become of something. This repetitive answer was one that described literacy to be anything written down and anything that was readable, some even described it to be the ability to write and read. Nonetheless, both of these declarations did not sit well with sme, they had no meaning to me, the most they did for me was make me wonder and with that wonder came a certain drive to seek out the meaning of literacy that I held to be true in my own opinions. I did not want to believe literacy could be so bland and I did not want to surrender to the fact that literacy was made up to be one single and simple definition that was so broad, as if it had no significant uniqueness. I figured there had to be a way of viewing literacy that spoke to me, there had to be a definition that shed light on all things literature that made sense to me, this definition had to open my soul in such a way of giving me breathe as if I had been drowning for years, it had to come…

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