Osama On Refugees

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Osama: I will sue the Hungarian Camerawoman, because of her I lost my chances to seek Asylum in Germany.

“It wasn’t an easy trip" With these words began Osama, 52, his speech to the "Huffington Post Arabic," pointing out that what has increased the difficulty of his journey, “[the] foot trip made by the Hungarian Camerawoman [Petra László] in an attempt to stop me and my child Zaid from fleeing the [Hungarian] border police, she got us to the ground [and we were arrested] and that was the reason that we were fingerprinted in Hungary, "he said.

[According to Dublin Convention that regulate the EU Member States responsibilities to examine the applications of asylum seekers, any Asylum Seeker who is officially registered and his fingerprints
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His son was given a place for free because he was so young. Mr Alghadab and Zaid spent two days in Greece before making the journey through Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary.

The Incident

The Bus that carried Osama and child from Serbia arrived at the Hungarian border in the early morning hours on Wednesday, 09/09/2015, it was "so bad and it was very cold," described by Osama who added, "things were all disorganized and random, huge numbers of refugees reach the border by buses, a bus or two arrives every two hours."
The dire situation of the refugees, the cold and the hunger, was the reason for the decision Osama made to go to the security barrier and walk to Hungary, after the first group of refugees managed to breach the security barrier, the second group came, including Osama.

“We started running and my child Zaid run along, but one of the Hungarian police tripped Zaid and he fell to the ground," explains Osama, he says, "After my younger child, fell to the ground, I carried him and continued running, but unfortunately after I ran 10 meters, I was tripped again, but I did not know whom was behind [the trip] and I did not notice the presence of the blonde camerawoman!
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Osama the son of the city Deir Al-Zoor in Syria was hoping to find in Germany some solace, that might help him to forget the wrenching pain of the war wounds, but he was forced to be "fingerprinted" in Hungary and as he explained, "it was the best sounding option to do to avoid further problems, I do not want to expose my child to other terrifying experience."
The fingerprinting of Osama and his child in Hungary means that he cannot apply for asylum in Germany, as per the "Dublin Convention” that regulate Asylum process in the European Union. Now Osama dream to restore his life in Germany has fade away. All the risks he went through with his child Zaid, all the efforts to go to Germany and the hope to reunion with the rest of the family, now lost in vain !
Anxiety signs were clear during the [Huffington Post Arabic] interview with Osama, specially with his wife and two of his children in Turkey waiting for him to send them an invitation to Germany, Osama acknowledged that "it is impossible for them [his family] to take the tough asylum journey, specially my eldest son Muhannad, 19, he was injured in his left leg by a bullet from a Syrian regime sniper [that] made his movement – somewhat- difficult "says

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