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Mostert Reflection – 10 points

Answer each question fully.

1. What conditions were instrumental in facilitating the evolution of the German society’s acceptance of the murder of innocent people? Be specific.

The first World War’s impact on economic conditions in Germany fueled attitudinal changes in German people on their perception of people with disabilities held in state institutions. The idea that people with disabilities, especially the “incurable” as they were deemed were unable to provide assistance in Germany’s economic recovery. Another condition that facilitated the acceptance of the killing of innocent disabled people in Germany was the fact that people with disabilities were seen more in public through outpatient
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The government does in a way possess the ability to make life or death decisions with the death penalty in our legal system. But I do not believe that that law is in any way similar to what happened with the killing of innocent people in Germany.

4. Has history repeated itself since the end of World War II? If so, why do you think it occurred?

I believe that history in ways has repeated itself in the genocide of millions of innocent people in Rwanda in 1994. The civil strife between the two ethnic groups in the country for years had been a problem, and sadly I believe it occurred when the wrong people were brought to positions of power in a country that is drastically poor and underdeveloped. The people that were being killed had no protection and no help from anyone for such a long time, and the history of the fighting in the country made for one of the most horrific genocides the world has ever seen. One could draw a resemblance between the National Socialists coming into power with the governing body that overtook Rwanda and began the genocide.

What does this article mean to you as a

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