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Personal Statement
Growing up in rural Colombia in the midst of the coffee region where individuals from all over the country, especially indigenous and those with limited resources would come to tender the coffee fields, I realize now that it gave me a view of how healthcare is not a right but a luxury. The political turmoil and my brother’s health condition forced us to flee our beloved country to seek help in a foreign, unknown land: The United States. After almost three arduous years of all of us going in and out of hospitals, my brother got the surgery he needed and his life was changed forever. Soon after, I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and my life now changed. Being young, not even fifteen years old, and dealing with a condition
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What attracted me the most to Palmetto Health is that both the mission and vision of the organization focus on compassion, which is a vital part of healthcare. Patients should always be a priority and any instance we have the chance to help, we should. Palmetto Health fulfills that drive and desire to help others. My desire to complete the fellowship at Palmetto Health is also driven by the fact that it is an organization that offers a diverse number of services to a large number of members and patients, which I can much relate to with my past experience in the hospitality industry. With a fellowship, I want to be part of the team that makes changes to health care industry, starting with an organization that seeks to expands care to those that are in need. I will be able to learn from a leader that has been with Palmetto Health since its inception and to gain insight on how to transition from a small hospital to a 12,000 employee organization. Palmetto Health, unlike many health care organizations, shows that it is willing to give the opportunity to all individuals and to expand and explore new ideas, as it shows in the recent affiliation with the University of South Carolina to create a medical …show more content…
Although all seem very intriguing and I would like to explore each of them more in depth, I would be most interested in delving into patient financial services/finance, patient experience, and health care quality. Patient financial services or the revenue cycle department would be an area that I would like to focus on as it is an area that I have experience in and I know that this an area that is constantly changing, especially now with the nature of health care market. One of the areas of focus is to educate patients and community members of their options and the different ways to obtain healthcare insurance or even where to receive health care services. As the healthcare of this country changes, more individuals should be informed about their benefits and how insurances work to prevent a lapse in their access to health care due to misunderstanding. Patient experience, a growing trend is hospitals, would allow me to put to use the skills that I have learned through my hospitality and graduate internship and to learn more to be able to help more individuals with the compassion they deserve. I would enjoy to explore the area of health care quality or compliance related to quality. Especially now, with Medicare and possibly other insurances companies deciding to payout depending on the quality rather than the quantity, this area would be one that requires

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