Special Education For No Child Left Behind Act Essay

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Education has taken on a different look over the years. From revised Special Education to No Child Left Behind Act; from Technology to Common Core Standards; from Professional Learning for teachers to Political Out lash for educational spending. The list can go on and on. There are positive and negatives about educational reform. At the end of the day, we want to ensure that educational reform is positive for the students that are learning in America.
Comparing and Contrasting
Response to Intervention also known as RTI, have helped students tremendously. RTI, is an intervention to assist students in becoming success while being educated in the public-school sector. “RTI models were initially formulated to address concerns that some students were being misidentified as learning disabled when in actuality they were failing to learn because the pace or style of instruction was mismatched to their learning needs,” (Knestrick, 2012). Special Education has evolved tremendously over the years. Special Education has been mainstreamed into regular education classes. This has an advantage because kids are not in inclusive classes all day. They can interact with general education students. The beauty of special education being mainstreamed, special education students are able to mainstreamed in general education classes through Individual Education Plans also known as IEPs. Common Core State Standards have a few good points. The plus about Common Core State Standards they…

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