Spare Parts Thesis Quotes

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The Response Rodger Crawford once said, “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” This quote is quite true in the non-fiction book Spare Parts by; Joshua Davis. Spare Parts is about four low class, undocumented teenagers within America, who beat the world’s best engineering university in a robotics competition. To deepen my thinking of the book, I attended an author presentation at NIACC. Spare Parts focused a great deal on immigration, education, confidence, and teamwork. Although all these components were main points of the book, the one that reached out to me ultimately was immigration. Within our world, we notice that immigration is quite typical within the United States. One instance that tests my thinking within Spare Parts genuinely sparked my attention.” In Phoenix, they were called illegal aliens and pegged as …show more content…
They were alternatively viewed as American, Mexican, or neither. Now, for a moment, they were simply teenagers at a robotics competition by the ocean.” (158). After reading the quote as well as the book my whole outlook on immigration has changed for the better. This quote helped me understand that stereotypes of illegal immigrants are false. One stereotype of illegal immigrants within the quote is being criminals, as you can clearly see, the four boys within the book haven't done anything wrong. My question for people who think illegal immigrants are criminals is, why judge a human being by where they were born? If I was being judged by where I am from I would be angry, because I call Iowa home. If someone disrespects where you’re from, they don’t have respect for you as a person. Before reading Spare Parts, I used to believe

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