Pat Mora Legal Alien Analysis

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Have you ever felt alienated by a person or even a group? Immigrants have to face to the problem of being alienated by a whole country. Americans have conjured up a lot of problems with not one group of immigrants, but most of them. A major case of xenophobia. Immigrants like to migrate to America in search of a new start with great opportunities. The problem is that the xenophobia in Americans will never allow those immigrants to be considered a full-fledged citizen. Immigrants cannot take advantage of all of those economic opportunities, because they are alienated, not accepted, looked at as inferiors, which greatly impacts their success in America.
A vital reason immigrants come to America is for all of the great economic opportunities.
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Being bi-cultural in America has its cons, as the people who are bi-cultural feel judged and indifferent. Although Pat Mora is legally an American, she still feels uncomfortable around other Americans, since she is both Mexican and American, she feels as if she doesn’t fit in anywhere. In Pat Mora’s poem Legal Alien, she states that she feels indifferent by Americans, “viewed by Anglos as perhaps exotic, perhaps inferior, and definitely different” (9-10). Pat Mora is a Bi-cultural author who writes children’s books and poetry. She has won awards in the past for her picture books. A lot of her work has the theme is often shaped by the life on the Mexico- United States border, where she spent much of her life. Her poem, Legal Alien, explains what it feels like to be living in two different worlds, but not completely fitting into either of them. Even when you are a legal American, if you have a different nationality, you tend to be treated like a foreigner in your own country. “Natural” born Americans judge bi-cultural Americans as inferior beings because they are different. This makes legal immigrants feel unwelcome because they are excluded from rights that everyone deserves such as jobs and …show more content…
Some see them as a burden on the economy. This usually results in a tough life here for Immigrants. No one wanted to hire Firoozeh’s father just because he was Iranian, even though he was highly intelligent. In America bi-cultural people feel uncomfortable for being different, they feel as if they don’t belong; bullied. In America there is hate crimes towards innocent foreigners just for being from a certain country. Unfortunately America is not the country that immigrants think it is, they come to find that migrating to America means facing many hardships. Not being able to have the life they envisioned for them and their families all because they are “inferior”. Even if you are a legal immigrant the hardships don’t seem to stop. Some will never consider you a full-fledged citizen if you are an immigrant. The worst part is that the “true” Americans take all of these opportunities for granted, not even thinking of everything that they should be thankful for. Being able to get a great education, being able to get a good job without even being questioned, all of it taken for granted. America is a free country, but for who? Does everyone

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