Difficulties In America Analysis

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The Difficulties of America: The Problems of Discrimination Immigrants face many difficulties living in America today, especially when they belong to a minority and are new to the many cultures that surround American society. Two authors that address these issues are Langston Hughes and Pat Mora. Within his poem “ Let America be America Again”, Hughes discusses the the flawed system in which America no longer lives up to its original ideals of equality and freedom. Whereas Mora , in her poem “Legal Alien” chooses to focus on the personal feelings and struggles people of mixed race and culture experience living in America. Today U.S. citizens are having to learn how to overcome racial, religious, and gender discrimination, and more and more people are starting to feel that this is because America is no longer living up …show more content…
Due to this issue, Langston Hughes was inspired to write“Let America Be America Again”, frustrated with the discrimination he, and so many others face daily, Hughes writes about his personal feelings on the issue of equality and freedom in America. Hughes states, “(There’s never been equality for me,/ Nor freedom in this ‘homeland of the free.’/)”(Hughes Line 15-16). For many, feelings such as these are far too common, and this quote reflects some of the emotional difficulties of being an immigrant in America. This country was built on the ideals of freedom and equality. For many, however, this just isn 't the reality. People from all over the globe have come to America in the pursuit of a better life, only to be held back due to their race, beliefs, and gender. A mentality such as this is destructive because it affects not only the way people perceive one another, it affects the way society in general perceives itself. This is because narrow mindedness and discrimination stops social and political growth, which can create tension between

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