Spanking: Effective Or Dangerous?

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Spanking: Effective or Dangerous? To spank or not to spank? The concept of a parent spanking their child is a widely controversial topic in today’s society. Spanking is classified as any type of violence whether it be hitting, swatting, or smacking with one’s hand or another object towards another individual. A lot of parents consider it child abuse while others consider it an effective way to discipline their child. Spanking can cause children to be violent later in life, it is dangerous and potentially life threatening, and it interferes with the bond between parent and child. However, many people claim spanking is effective as a deterrent to undesirable behavior for younger children.
Spanking children can cause increased
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They aren’t teaching them to use their words to negotiate and solve the issue without hitting. Children are like sponges; they soak up information from around them. Children learn attitudes and behaviors through imitation of their parents. When children are constantly surrounded by violence because of their parents, their first thought when arriving at a conflict, is to use violence which clearly depicts an increased aggression. It is said that some of the most notorious and infamous criminals were abused as children and ended up taking out all of their pent up anger onto innocent individuals because they had no other successful way to solve an issue. A child that is hit or spanked is more likely to display acts of violence towards others and exhibit other antisocial behaviors. It can also cause children to develop anxiety and depression later in life. Between the ages of five to …show more content…
It can impede development and even lower a child’s IQ. Spanking can decrease the brain’s grey matter, which is involved in muscle control and sensory perception such as seeing, hearing, memory, and emotions. Being too violent towards a child can have life threatening consequences. Adults have a tendency of getting out of control when hitting children. Their anger takes over and they don’t recognize their strength or the fragility of children’s bodies. This can physically harm a child, whether it be broken bones, bruises, cuts, burns, or even more serious injuries such as; bleeding in the brain, liver damage, and respiratory issues. Spanking is detrimental and dangerous physically towards a

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