Essay on Spanish Cuisine : Mexican Cuisine

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Mexican Cuisine Mexican food comes from the Mayan Indians, who were traditional hunters that liked corn tortillas and beans. When the Spanish conquistadores came to Mexico City in the 1500s, they found the Aztecs consuming foods that are part of the Mexican cuisine today. They were eating dishes made with corn, tropical fruit, wild fish, and beans. The Mexican people consider food one of the most important parts of their culture. The blend of old Mexican cuisine with new Indian spices such as olives, wines, and spices and Spanish ingredients including black pepper, olive oil, and cilantro created the traditional food culture we see today.
Each region in Mexico has its own type of food. Meat dishes in the north, while in the south more dishes with vegetables and chicken are common. Communities along the sea enjoy a lot of seafood dishes, fish like grouper, red snapper, and snook. Some Mexican recipes incorporate influences from South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. Common foods, such as tacos and tamales are very popular in each region in Mexico. Mexican food has many different cultural influences, making it varied and rich.

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These variety of cultural adaptations makes Mexico full of culinary experiences. Mexico is a fascinating country filled to the brim with rich history and culture, which their cuisine certainly reflects. In the 19th century, Mexican women played an important role in the home. To be a good woman in Mexico is to have extensive knowledge and…

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