Space Exploration Persuasive Essay

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NASA and many others believe that space exploration could help change our country and our world. There's many ways that space exploration could benefit us. It could help us improve safety and help us find out more about our earth and its resources, exploring space would give us many benefits. The United states and NASA should put more into space exploration.
Something that we need to protect ourselves from the threat of getting hit by an asteroid. If we don’t want what happened to the dinosaurs to happen to us. We need to explore ways to protect ourselves and our planet from asteroids. One way we could do that would be to go in deeper with space exploration. NASA scientist are now stating “there is a reason to worry about asteroids.” However very small asteroids do come very close to earth very often. That puts the scientists in need to watch Asteroids very closely. So they would have the ability to alert people if an asteroid came near. But by going to space we might even be able to end the possibility of being hit by an asteroid, also ending the need to worry about asteroids.
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The FBI and Law Enforcement has Recently been seeking help from NASA by using NASA’s video technology security. NASA has been using satellite cameras to help them go further with space exploration. And with some of those cameras have caught things that Law enforcement and others need for investigation. "After analyzing crime video for detectives and seeing the horrible details of some of these crimes, it gives me great satisfaction that police can use NASA’s technology to put criminals behind bars," said Dr. David Hathaway from NASA. Without space exploration and different satellites used by NASA, Different law agencies may not be as successful at putting a stop to crime. So we can think NASA and ourselves for making our world a safer place by using space

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