Essay about Space And The Space Of Space

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Space. More than just stars and stuff.

Space is awesome. Both in scale and my opinion. Humans have dreamed of space travel, used stars for navigation and just generally drooled over the sky for thousands of years. There is a void surrounding us that is so large we call it “space”. But it’s not an empty, cavernous expanse, it’s filled with a multitude of stuff: from stars to planets, comets to black holes, there’s even a Super Sized Space Puddle.[1] Yet, some people aren’t interested in what is out there, they’re quite content to keep their mind grounded on earth. And I don’t get that at all.
Why wouldn’t you want to know about space? You really should.
I’ve always been fascinated by -pretty much- everything around me, but what was beyond our little rock astounded me. It blew my mind, finding out about some of the things that exist in the universe. I asked my parents about space when I was younger and got blank faces in reply I decided to look it up myself. There’s always been a deep rooted intrigue about the universe, be it the moon, the other planets or the stars; I’m currently trying to figure out the positions of the constellations in the sky so I can inform my family and friends about them whenever we’re out at night. And because I have always been interested in space I always assumed everyone else cared as much as me.
Sure, at some point you’ve looked at the stars, maybe even made up your own “constellations”, we’ve all got a bit sappy when the moon’s looked…

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