Spa Brand Essay

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Why this project important
Before taking up the main subject 1. Executive Summary 2. Overview of Current Situation (with some background) 3. Situation Analysis ( Country, Industry, 3 C’s: Customers, Competitors, Company)
1) Analysis of overall attractiveness of a country
2) Industry
A. Diamond Model (Michael Porter)
B. Analysis of failure examples in SPA industry
C. The major background of SPA brand’s failure at first entry to the market
D. Characteristics of SPA
3) Customers (consumer behavior)
A. Broad Fashion market
B. SPA Fashion market 4) Competitors– ZARA, H&M A. ZARA B. H&M
5) Company (8 seconds)
A. Recent State
B. about company 4. Suggestions 1) Make Brand Identity
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SPA brands in Korea have numerous potentials to be grown up. It needs special strategies to be grown up successfully in Korea. In the following, there will be overview of current situation, analysis of overall attractiveness of a country, analysis of industry, analysis of customer firm, and suggestion for 8 seconds.
2. Overview of Current Situation(with some background)
The spa market is an edge segment that is having a rapid development and will be a major growth, but in the same time it is a business that demand a highly involving and devotion. In Korea, against SPA Brand from Global companies, we jump into this industry but it is just initial step nowadays.
3. Situation Analysis (Country, Industry, 3 C’s: Customers, Competitors, Company)
1) Analysis of overall attractiveness of a country
* Rivals(Strong global SPA brands) : Current and potential competitors(ZARA, H&M, Uniqlo, etc) * Economic risk: By changing economic environment, the possible change of consumer preference.(if economic condition will be in good, customers could switch to high-price brand) * Lack of capital, knowledge resources, and supply chain management


* SPA market is in the introduction level in Korea, there is high possibility of growth opportunity. * Sensitive for trends and big purchasing power relatively compared to European countries * A densely populated area : good

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