South Korea And North Korea Essay

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Over the long time and strong confrontation, South Korean President (1998-2002) Daejoong Kim set a goal of improvement of the relationship between South and North Korea. He proclaimed his so-called, ‘Sunshine Policy’ of reconciliation and cooperation. It means that South Korea should show its forward-looking position with good will and have to help North Korea choose a path of change. In other words, a positive circle of South Korea and North Korea’s relation will be connected with South Korea’s good will and North Korea’s good will.
This policy was influenced from two levels. First, individual level was President Kim himself, and second, state level was support of the U.S. Clinton administration. President Kim was famous for his democracy movement and peaceful protests against the military dictatorship of South Korea. When he elected for a president, he emphasized on a direct conversation between South Korea and North Korea. Thus, he suggested a summit to North Korea on inauguration day (Institute for Unification Education, 2016). At that time, the Clinton administration’s policy toward North Korea was ‘soft landing’. The U.S. sought for a slow change of the North Korea’s system to reform and opening, with worrying about tremendous chaos from a sudden collapse of North Korea. Therefore, the U.S. regarded North Korea as a disabled plane and urged to land softly than to fall destructively. Especially, Clinton called Kim brave and visionary, and praised him as “a human…

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