Sonia Delaunay 's Career Pathway Essay

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The article that I picked for our group discussion is mainly talking about one of the co-founders of Orphism, the avant-garde Russian Jewish artist Sonia Delaunay. The article is an objective introduction of Sonia’s contribution in collaborating art and fashion. As the first living female artist to have a retrospective exhibition at the Louvre, what makes her outstanding in the industry is not only her avant-garde Orphism work, but also her application of aesthetics on fashion, which successfully expanded the width of her audiences and brought her a lot of chances in collaborating practical substances and fine art. According to my research on Sonia Delaunay’s career pathway, despite of her talents and efforts, her social network helped her a lot to make acquaintance of various elites from other fields. Delaunay was very associated with her husband Robert and she gained a lot of connection to the fashion industry due to the connection of her husband’s social circle. Since then she had chance to started designing patterns of fabrics and outfits, therefore, the readers of named fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar started to get to know Sonia Delaunay. The prime goal of our group discussion on this article is to talk about whether the social connection and increase of exposure in media matter to the career of an artist. As far as I concern, the pathway of Sonia’s career is a successful case and it is valuable to study in terms of business of art. Some…

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