Song Analysis Of Feeling Good, By Nina Simone

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“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flow from heaven to the soul (Monet).” Feeling good was originally written in 1965, by Nina Simone. This song has been used in the popular culture such as, “Point of No Return” and “Six Feet Under”. A song cover was later done by Jennifer Hudson in 2011, and Lauryn Hill in 2015. Although Nina Simone wrote the song, Jennifer Hudson sang it better due to melody, rhythm, and instrumentation used in her version.
Nina Simone was born February 21, 1933; she died just two months after her 70th birthday on April 21, 2003; she sang the rhythm and blues between the years of 1954, and 2003. She was even nominated for an Oscar Award (nin). British songwriters Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse wrote
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Simone had small quarter and base instrumentation in the middle and ending. The rhythm stayed the same, and you could really hear the passion and pain in the song. However, Jennifer Hudson’s version started off faster and happier. The rhythm change was throughout the song and was even a bit shorter. Lauryn Hill’s version was more similar to Nina Simone’s than Jennifer Hudson’s. Lauren used less base, and more jazz like Simone’s version. But, Hudson’s version was more pop. Melody, rhythm, and the instruments made the three versions of the same song different. Nina Simone was from an earlier generation than Jennifer Hudson and Lauryn Hill. Music has evolved between the three generations. Simone’s melody was smoothing and touching, while Hudson’s, and Hill’s melody was relaxing and exciting at the same time. Jennifer Hudson’s and Lauryn Hill rhythm is faster than Nina Simone’s leaving room to distinguish the different generations. Hudson’s was more pop. In my most humble opinion, Jennifer Hudson’s version was better because the melody, rhythm, and instrumentation was more of my

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