Solving Possible Workplace Problems Through Academic Research

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4. It can help the researcher develop ‘sensitising concepts’ (Coffey & Atkinson, 1996; McCann & Clark, 2003a), gain theoretical sensitivity (McCann & Clark, 2003b; McGhee et al., 2007; Strauss & Corbin, 1998), avoid conceptual and methodological pitfalls (McGhee et al., 2007) and actually become aware of, rather than numb to, possible unhelpful preconceptions (Maijala, Paavilainen, & Astedt-Kurki, 2003).
5. It may promote ‘clarity in thinking about concepts and possible theory development’ (Henwood & Pidgeon, 2006, p. 350).
Solving Possible Workplace Problems through Academic Research
There are possible problems in one workplace that may have solution from academic research. Working in an aero industry or with an aerospace related technology require constant need to be innovative and improve on safety. Aerospace is broadly seen as the driver of technology change in many important engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electronics, sensing and communications. The drive to be more energy efficient and sustainable has driven the research and development department of my organization to constantly increase budgets and spending on research. Problem like not been able to fly with electric or solar power engine is a key challenge to senior management.
Another key problem is how to be very competitive in manufacturing costing and product pricing. Some academic research tool that may be applied in solving a workplace problem through data collection, manipulation and…

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