Solution Focused Brief Therapy ( Sfbt ) Counselors And Reality Therapy

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Similarities Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) counselors and Reality Therapy (RT) counselors both strive towards creating a relationship with their clients. In regards to SFBT, it is important for the counselor to have an understanding of the theory behind what they are practicing, but it is even more important that the counselor and client have a healthy working relationship that is built on collaboration (Winbolt, 2014). In order for a SFBT counselor to have success with their client, they must first establish a relationship. Without the foundation of a working relationship between the counselor and client, the goal of SFBT will be unreachable, even with the highest degree of training. Similarly, RT counselors must also begin their therapy with a client by forming a working relationship. The relationships they form with their clients is done quickly at the beginning of therapy and at an emotional level that may far surpass any relationship the client has ever had in their life, which derives as a challenge for the counselor (Glasser, 1965). Although building a relationship with a client may be a difficult task for a RT counselor, it is very important for them to do so in order for them to have success with their client. It is evident that the relationship between a SFBT counselor and a RT counselor with their clients is a key component of these two therapies.
While SFBT counselors and RT counselors share the commonality of establishing a…

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