Solution Focused Brief Therapy an Introduction Essay

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Make a personal evaluation of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Identifying concepts and techniques which will facilitate you practice of CBT. |

Within this essay I shall provide a personal evaluation of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT). I shall endeavour to outline the main principles, processes and strengths. I will also explore some of the weaknesses of the approach demonstrating some of the limitations in terms of application to specific issues and problems. Additionally, the essay will explore issues of compatibility between SFBT and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I will also outline how and why I would incorporate SFBT into my personal practice as a companion to CBT.

Solution focused brief therapy (SFBT) is described
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over compensating, surrendering, avoidance) are no longer working therefore become part of the clients problem. Changing regular manners of response by identifying the positives of doing something different is fundamental to the approach.

The relationship between counsellor and client is essential to this approach. Teamwork and a strongly constructed working relationship are vitally important as is the understanding of the client as the expert. In my opinion this means that the client has a fountain of knowledge, strategies, skills and resources, internal and external which are transferable to the problem presented and he/she is already using them to function on life’s path. Each client is an individual and differs in their skills, knowledge and resources including the approach they take when viewing their own problems.

In life change happens, and however insistent the problem is, there are times when it is not present or less relentless. It is the counsellor’s knowledge of SFBT which will help identify these periods to the client and help reinforce the positive aspects of what was different at these particular times to augment change. Clients have strengths and resources which must be harnessed to resolve the problem and ensure they have a successful outcome to their problems and issues. In the SFBT frame work it is most important that the client defines the goals, and they must be realistic and achievable as poorly defined or unreasonable goals

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