Sole Assassin Case Study

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Sole Assassin has a sphere of influence helping the company become well publicized and increase value in the marketplace. Our goal is to become a well known company in the industry because it will get our name out into the public. Another way our leadership team will implement a business plan is by advertising in popular websites. We want buyers to hear who we are and if our company catches their interest, then sell our product to them.
Sole Assassin understands that by increasing our sphere of influence, we are taking on bigger responsibility and power to live up to what we are advertising. By networking with established partnerships with shopping malls will give us access to a store lot and selling our shoes through an on ground store. As a result, connecting with these shopping malls will allow us to be established in the market such as receiving more contracts on other popularized shoe brand names. Finally, to form our sphere of influence, we plan to lead other companies in the marketplace in order to become the leader in our market, making others have
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What potential leadership bias could impact the development or progress of your organization’s development?
A bias that may occur in the development of our organization is that “It will work if we give it more time.” Since most of our team has exceptional experience in the shoe industry way may happen is that they may want to implement something in our company that has worked for them in the past, however when there is a new organization and a new team what has worked in the past may not work now.
2. What hurdles do you anticipate?
Some hurdles that we anticipate are internal conflicts within the organization because half of our leadership team leads from a traditional leadership style and the other half from a servant leadership style. This can cause disagreements between the both leadership styles. However, the team came to agreement to lead as a servant leaders and create a balance between the two

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