Socrates 's Speech By Socrates Essay

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As Socrates wraps up his speech and the group was applauding him, a noise came from outside and this was Alcibiades. Alcibiades is drunk and everyone there wants Alcibiades to stay after he said he wanted to join. He sits next to Socrates and Agathon on the couch which separates the two of them. Alcibiades then notices Socrates is on the same couch as Agathon, the most beautiful person in the room and Socrates says that Alcibiades is jealous. The conversation then leads to everyone wanting him to speak about love, but he is too drunk so they suggest he should praise Socrates. This begins Alcibiades’ speech. Alcibiades begins by comparing Socrates to Satyrs and Marsyas, but he believes that Socrates is more gifted than them. If people were to hear him speak, they would be mesmerized. This is why Alcibiades states that Socrates made him believe that his life was not worth living. Socrates is able to make him feel shame as well. When he speaks to Socrates, he understands what he is saying, but once he leaves, he goes off and does what he wants. When he gets back with Socrates, he feels ashamed of what he did. Alcibiades continues to state that many people would believe that Socrates is going after the most handsome, rich, young boys out there, but this is not what he truly does. Once he realized Socrates had great knowledge, he wanted to learn from him. He was certain that Socrates fell in love with him so he tried to get with him. He thought that Socrates would pursue him,…

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