Sociological Analysis Of The Movie The Judge

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The Judge is about a very successful, but shady defense attorney played by Robert Downy Jr, who lives in Chicago. He must return home to Carlinville, Indiana because of his mother’s passing. While he is there several life changing events transpire testing his loyalty to his father. His father played by Robert Duvall has been a Judge for 42 years. who begins to should signs of aging hold a grudge against him for serval different reasons one resulted in his brother having to trade a baseball career for the ownership of the town garage. He has been estranged from his family because of the dysfunctional relationship he has with his father. His father holds him responsible for his brother played by His father is played by Robert Duvall, Duvall played a judge who had been a judge for 42 years because of the sudden loss of his wife and his battle with cancer and depression his ability to make good decisions decline. This movie takes a look at the difficulties of getting older, dealing with death, forgetting and forgiving and also honoring you father. It also takes a look at ; he allowed a criminal to be release from jail, not realizing what this bad decision will eventually cost someone their life him. Now his son must put the negative feelings to dig his father out of a complicated situation. This move is a good example of how the fact …show more content…
It also give old The movie gives a few good examples of how our culture today has change. Just like Robert Downey has left his hometown to go to school and children venture out. Robert Downy Jr is a man was never treated like his siblings. When going though was from Indiana but he moved to Chicago to start a career as attorney. Because he does not get along with his father his to choose not to have any communication with his

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