Socio-Economic Effects of Dolphinariums on Small Island Destinations

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The Socio-Economic effects of dolphinariums on small island destinations

Joanne Armantrading
Stefan Oosterwaal

International Management & Business Research Methodology
University of Aruba

Table of contents
Intro 3
Literature Review 6
Conceptual Model 11
Stakeholders 14
Hypotheses 21
Research Design 23
Secondary data analysis 27
Primary data 30
Conclusion 37
References 38

There has been a lot of talk about whether there a dolphinarium should be established on the island of Aruba. There has been a lot of controversy from the side of the community.
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First of all, let’s define a dolphinarium.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
A dolphinarium is an aquarium for dolphins. The dolphins are usually kept in a large pool, though occasionally they may be kept in pens in the open sea, either for research or for public performances. Some dolphinariums consist of one pool where dolphins perform for the public, others have expanded into much larger parks, keeping other marine animals and having other attractions.
These larger parks are often not considered to be dolphinariums themselves, but marine mammal parks or theme parks that include a dolphinarium.
A marine mammal park is thus seen as a combination of a public aquarium and an amusement park. Marine mammal parks are different from marine parks, which include natural reserves and marine wildlife sanctuaries such as coral reefs, particularly in Australia.

Literature Review
The public has strong opinion on both the developments in the tourism industry as well as the dolphinarium itself. We will now explain some of the models that have been used in the past to explain the development of tourism, as well as the reactions that go hand in hand with these developments.
We know that a dolphinarium can add to the economic welfare of a destination. In the first place, it creates job opportunities. Will it be better if people are for the idea, against it, or does it not really make a difference? The people that are against the idea of a dolphinarium are

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