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Social workers exist in our society in order to enhance and restore the capacity of a group of individuals to their full functioning potential. They are well-rounded professionals who study human development, and the behavior of people in economic, social and cultural situations and how they all interact with one another. Life throws us many difficult challenges, and the main aspect of a social worker is to help prevent and overcome crises to individuals, families and communities. Abuse, educational troubles, addiction, divorce, poverty and discrimination are only a handful of challenges social workers aid our community with. They will usually provide psychosocial services, counseling, or advocacy. Moreover, social workers are currently known …show more content…
We have analysts, who are very strategic and usually have a plan to solve every problem. Then, there are explorers who are always ready to experience something new. And finally, sentinels and diplomats who are fact-minded and eager to help a good cause. My personality falls under the Analyst category with a hint of Explorer and grated on top with Diplomat. I am a dedicated individual who accomplishes anything I set my mind to. Also, I believe a career should be chosen in spite of passion and longing to grow within the field every day. A second strength I value is communication. My ethnicity has benefited me a whole lot. English and Spanish are my native languages since I learned them simultaneously, and I speak, read, and write fluently in both. There is a lot of diversity in our country, and it has become an advantage to know more than one language in order to communicate with the majority of our …show more content…
Initially I was in search for a job within the psychology field to develop the knowledge I learned and to help individuals in need. It became much more difficult than I expected to find a job opportunity I was actually interested in since most of them required licensure and further education. From that day forward I realized I will not be able to have my ideal career without going back to graduate school. The graduate program in social work will mold me into a professional. The program will also guide me through strategies, tactics, skills and provide me with the ultimate gateway to further my expertise in the field of social work. Without the graduate program, I believe I will not gain the knowledge I need to feel fully prepared and to my upmost potential. I believe confidence is an important factor to success, and the more intellectually inclined an individual is, he or she will put their best foot forward in their career without hesitation. As a professional social worker, I plan to engage with the younger population. Children and adolescents in the upcoming generations are currently experiencing higher stress levels than ever before. Children and adolescents are vulnerable and susceptible to manipulative factors that can disrupt future development and behavior. As a professional, the ultimate goal is to prevent any

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