Essay on Social Work Working with Children and Families

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Social care working with children and families
Level 4
Final exam

1. In your own words summarise the major learning points from the whole of the programme with particular reference to : * Principles of social work with children and families * The process of social work with children and families * Working with adults in the family * Immediate protection of the child * Working with the family as a group * Working with children being looked after by the local authority * Social work with families through transitions. Loss and Gain * Children and families and special needs

The course provides has provided me with a great understanding and knowledge a social workers role and a families function, the
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Social working together (co-working) does have its advantages it shares the pressures and achievements, it encourages them to learn from each other and together to provide different perceptions regarding their work. It is important to understand the function and structure of family groups is the first step to formulate a family group meeting (FGM) this work is continuous assistance and meetings to address the unexpected and expected issues. It’s the social workers job to promote participation and help individual member to communicate in order to progress happen; they will need excellent listening skills great patience and observation and even some humour to achieve a healthy positive participation in such meetings. The goal of the FGM is to help families surmount their difficulties. Once a contract has been agreed or come to an end or the goals have achieved or the plan has failed, social work with the family group is concluded.
Child abuse can take different forms: physical injury, neglect, sexual exploration and emotional ill-treatment ... A child/children that abused have had his his/her primary needs not met, so they will need immediate protection. It is very difficult to give a defined answer to child abuse as it differs from one society to another, as the law

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