Social Work Essay: The Life Of A Social Worker Life

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The Life of a Social Worker The Life of the social workers based on human relationships. Social worker is a profession for those people who have knowledge of human behaviors, and their struggles and motivations to help change the others’ lives. It allows many great experiences, such as child welfare and family services, mental health, medical social work, school social work, and community organization. Social work has the extensive strength and potential and their life face different challenges also social worker life offer a fundamental skill for those who need to learn it. Social workers lives play an important role in our society from different ways because they deliver all creativity in our society. The author states in her book” Opportunities …show more content…
In the education setting, social work goals support basic educational goals.”(Wittenberg 78). This research reveals that the school social worker can work in any educational department, for example, schools and colleges. A school social worker provides tutoring in school and colleges. They work hard to help the students to solve their problems. Additionally, the school social worker life purpose is helping to special children also they make plans and organize different sources to provide special kids a better education. There are wide varieties of social workers and their lives are playing great role in our society, such as community social workers are very helpful for our society. The author states the information about the community social workers is that “Community organization workers plan, organize, and work with community groups concerned with social problems of the community” (Wittenberg 82). The research shows that the main purpose of community social workers is to improve the resources and arrange resources for community, such as organize plans, create policies, and concern on social problems of the …show more content…
The author state that “Immediately after the Earthquake, social workers were Involved in setting up emergency settlement, investigating Disaster information, organizing donation activities” (Huang, Yao, and Hung 139). This research shows that a social worker are very helpful during the disasters, such as immediately focus on the disaster areas and provide aid for victims who affected from the disaster, provide fundamental things, and manage for a shelter home for victims. Social worker also plans and organizes the services for community disaster. Another duty of social worker is to setup the donations and funds raising for

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