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My perception of the field of Social Work is helping people in need and providing the resources for people that need assistances. My first thoughts of social workers were caseworkers for families, but I realized social workers are so much more than that. Social workers are helpers, supporters, counselors, and sometimes a friend for their clients. I love helping people in any way possible and that is why I wanted to become a social worker. There are multiple paths I can take to help someone in need.
I have only taken one social work course, which is Seminar in Helping. Seminar in Helping helped me fully discover what a social worker really is and opened my eyes to multiple aspects of a general practitioner social worker can go through. The
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In which I will facilitate programs and give handouts to my fellow classmate on the topics of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, rape, and so much more. The counseling department is what pushed me harder to do what I have to do to educate and help someone in need and joining S.A.R.A. (Sexual Assault Response Advocate). I was able to help someone I know who was raped my first year of college. I was able to make sure the proper measures were taken such as, not showering before being examined by a SANE nurse because she could wash away the evidence, calm her down, and talk to her when she is ready. Take her to the hospital and find out how she wanted to proceed, such as press charges or not. I was able to let her know that once she goes to the hospital she can do a rape kit and be tested for any sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, if she would want to return to school I am here to for her to talk to. Being a Social Worker is more than providing resources for someone in need, we are our client’s biggest support system, best friend, a source of encouragement, and empowerment. Helping others often helps me become a better person and learn from them as …show more content…
Then I plan to join the Peace Corps after I receive my Masters for two to four years in Africa. I want to go into the Peace Corps because I want to learn about different cultures and have a chance to help someone and teach someone from a different culture something new as well as learn something new myself. When I return I will find a job in the Social Work field where I can use the experiences, I have from college, internships and in the Peace Corps to good use. Then I will attend school to get my Doctorial in either Social Work or Psychology. I will start my career as a social worker and then farther in life, I will become a Psychologist. Once I become a Psychologist, I will develop my own practice while still working in the Social Work field. Once I complete my practice I will establish a company, hire, and train a few doctors. I will then go back to the Peace Corps and use my practice to help as many people as a can in

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