Social Triquency: Teenage Pregnancy Is A Social Problem

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First Draft Topic: Teenage pregnancy is a serious Social Problem Pregnancy is a natural condition that usually brings joy and positively changing people’s life. Even though, pregnancy could be one of the best experiences for women; however when it is contracting too early in life it may cause more defects than benefits. Teen pregnancy is being tagged as one the most important social problems in United States, about 90% of teens become pregnant yearly unintentionally and half of these pregnancies result in a live birth (Medoff, 2010). Early childbearing alters people’s well-being in a way that individuals are unable to achieve personal goals. Early pregnancy greatly impacts individuals’ life by provoking poor educational attainment, poor socio economic situation and poverty. It is worth for young men and women to be educated about the risky behaviors that could possibly lead them to unwanted pregnancy. Consequently, early childbearing constitutes a social barrier for young parents. By using certain expert’s ideas we will be able to bring solid evidence on that topic clarifying its veracity.
Specifically, researchers have found various causes that could lead to teenage pregnancy. Cultural belief is a factor that could links adolescent to early childbearing; for
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These people at times would take advantage of their situation resulting in an unwanted pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is a major social concern to parents, health professionals, school nurses, and the community. When it comes to pregnancy, teenagers who are practicing alcoholism are at greater risk of becoming pregnant than the ones who abstain from alcoholism. Alcohol and illicit drugs inhibit the nervous system, decrease individuals self –control and contributing largely to unplanned pregnancy among drinking

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