Social Policy Analysis Paper : Social Problem

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Social Policy Analysis Paper
Social Problem
According to the United States Department of Education, children in foster care represent one of the most vulnerable populations amongst our youth (U.S. Department of Education, 2016). The extenuating circumstances that this group experiences, impacts their physical, emotional, and mental-health development which can influence the overall welfare and resiliency of children in foster care. These implications generate barriers that impede one’s potential to achieve success personally, socially, and academically. As addressed in the article, What Keeps Children in Foster Care from Succeeding in School?, over half of all children in foster care nationwide perform poorly in the educational setting (Finkelstein, Wasley & Miranda, 2002). Not only are these students lagging behind academically, but they are also prone to have social and emotional problems that attribute to behavioral and discipline issues in the classroom and school setting (Finkelstein et al., 2002). Consequently, educational success for vulnerable students is dependent upon much more than understanding the content of the curriculum and maintaining healthy relationships amongst teachers and peers. The challenges, setbacks, and distress that these students have suffered and must overcome, have an immediate impact on their overall well-being, which as a result, greatly influences academic achievement. Therefore, a positive educational experience for children in foster care,…

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