Social Movement And Social Movements Essay

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Introduction Authors Smith, Gavin, & Sharp (2015) argue that a social movement is when a group of people protest for the same cause. For a social movement to be a social movement it needs to have an identity or a cause for what is driving the social movement (Smith, Gavin, and Sharp 2015). Smith et al. (2015) argue that the social issue must be desired by a large enough group of people to then start to protest. Further, once a shared sense of identity is formed then activists can start their protest (Smith et al. 2015). The occupy movement was a social movement. Further, the occupy movement was about exposing a corrupt system that made the vast majority of the world’s wealth to go to the vast minority of people which then led to the vast minority of wealth going to the vast majority of people (Ravelli and Webber 2016). So, as a result, the majority of people strongly believed that this was unfair and they were going to protest this corrupt system. Social media played a big role in the occupy movement. Twitter in particular help connect people from around the world that shared similar if not the same beliefs. One could argue that social media made the occupy movement a global movement where people from all around the world, with different backgrounds, different experiences, and from all walks of life were brought together to demonstrate against economic and income inequality. Given this information about social media made the occupy movement a global movement. This…

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