Essay about Social Media 's Impact On Society

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Social media has played a major role in the development of society. There has been a 90% increase in social media usage. Social media has developed gradually in the society in positive and negative ways. Mainly social media has developed in more negative ways. From the way people interact with each other to the way we share our lives.
From cyberbullying, to live streaming our current location. Social media separates us from the real world (Jung1). Social media allows people of all ages to talk, argue, compliment, collaborate, observe, and engage with one another. The world has become very small because of social media. The medium for this instant, international connection & communication is something the world now calls “Social Media”. The effect that social media has had on our culture is extreme. The ability to communicate instantly and blindly has many advantages and fun factors. I believe that “Social media” has had a big impact on our society. Social media is affecting our society in a tremendously negative way and changing how our world communicates. Social media has changed the way people interact.
A negative effect of social media on society is cyber-bullying. Cyberbullying has spread widely among the youth. Cyberbullying is a huge concern, especially for adolescents (Probst 1). Most youth are unaware of the danger of cyber-bullying. Not only is there cyberbullying, but a main part of it is catfishing.
Catfishing is a growing trend of cyberbullying. Catfish use…

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