Informative Essay: The Use Of Social Media

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The Use of Social Media
Social media is an online platform which allows people, companies and other organizations to create and share information, ideas and pictures/video. As the technology has developed, the internet is getting closer to people’s daily life. Social media has created many problems unique to itself including a recent phenomenon of cyberbullying. Social media has lead to an increase in many social problems when children and even adults are having problems with others social media has created a platform for the victimization to extend into their own homes. Social media is also extremely addictive it has become and one survey found that 37% of people had lost sleep due to social media. It 's decreasing our communication skills.
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The freedom it provided by internet also bring managerial difficult to national’s government. Privacy information is too easy to release from the internet and may used to harm or kill people directly. In the age of information and communication, social media plays an important role. People take different views on social media. Some people believe that social media is good, because everyone can share their views and experience to help others. Others argue that social media should not be used, the reason is social media can be a large time-waster. Many people spend much of their day tweeting, liking, and posting status …show more content…
Whether we like social networks as a fun use of our time or not there are many ways the social networks that have developed help various industries and markets. We 've all seen the ads and targeted ads that have become so popular on facebook and other social media sites. Brand recognition, targeted audiences, profiling, all of these strategies have become commonplace. Though we sometimes find these annoying, ads encourage us to buy products which fuels our economy and businesses. Social media has allowed businesses to expand their customer services and allowed startups to find niche markets to help grow local economies. Social has allowed people to communicate with people all around the world and work together on projects and improving pre existing designs. With websites like go fund me and kickstarter that allow average people 's great ideas and passions to be seen by other people social media has given people the power to come together and create something amazing. There are also countless ways that social media benefits people’s personal lives. As Benjamin Miller said "the beauty of social media is the ease of finding people like you." We can meet hundreds of people who are just like us everyday. In our group there were a few international students who could speak from personal experience how much social media made their transition easier by

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