Taking A Look At Cyberbullying

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The internet has greatly developed since it was first introduced and has gradually become an essential part of most daily activities. There are many benefits to using the internet however it is apparent that cyberbullying is becoming a concern for users because it is effecting people of all ages and can result in victims attempting suicide. Firstly, this essay will look at what the internet is, when it was established and the benefits of using it. Cyberbullying will be discussed as a concern for users as well as who and what is involved. Then the writer will include what students, parents, schools and the government can do to address the problem as well as initiatives that are already in place.
According to TechTerms the internet is a worldwide
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Cyberbullying is digital abuse that occurs online and usually involves the use of email, blogs, social networks, chatrooms and instant messenger services (Morgan, 2013). Any person can become a victim of cyberbullying and those who are victims usually have harmful, embarrassing and cruel messages or photos sent to them or posted on public sites for everyone to see. Youth in today’s society use the internet more frequently than others particularly the online services for communicating, not only with people they know but also with people who are unknown to them (Gustavo, 2009). Most studies done show that cyberbullying affects youth more than others and statistics from a study by Floreno (as cited in Morgan, 2013) have indicated 42% of teenagers have reported being cyber bullied. There are many forms of cyber bullying that include impersonating a victim by creating fake accounts, online harassment, sending or posting information that is offensive and false, all of which are usually targeted at one person and can eventually result in the victim becoming socially withdrawn and in a state of mind where there is no escaping it. The impact that cyberbullying has on victims, especially youth, cannot be underestimated which is why it is becoming a major

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