Essay Social Media 's Impact On Society

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Social media has become increasingly detrimental in how people of our generation make social connections. Our society bases how people perceive other people based on social media profiles. Even without meeting a person face-to-face, social media websites give insight into who a person is and whether or not they will be accepted in society. Social media is a relatively new platform of human interaction, only being in use for the past decade or so, with sites such as Myspace being one of the first well known. Historically, people have always found joy in judging other people. People judge celebrities and television personalities like it is their job. “While Facebook has been found to enhance interpersonal relationships and build social capital, some young adults are using this forum to hurt and humiliate others” (Peluchette, 424, 2015). Societies judge the people in their society based on how they look and how they act, it is human nature. What people see on social media is usually what they get. Psychologist Solomon Asch, describes impression formation as the process in which people judge others based on available information. Nowadays impression formation is essentially formed on social media via the internet because it is the easiest way to figure out who a person is; it is well known that some people tend to overshare on social media. What factors caused by social media/networks determine how people make interpersonal connections?
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