Persuasive Essay On Staying Connected

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Staying Connected
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all the most entertaining and some of the most popular social media out there. Addiction, meeting new people, staying in touch, and best of all free. Yet sadly the violence it may bring. In all the greatness everyone has with having to stay connected with just one, two or even three simple apps with countless of different choices of social media most people can 't simply go without.
Studies show that 63% of Americans log on to social media daily and 40% log on multiple times a day. Having the power to explore almost anyone 's page is very addicting, may it be an old fling, friend, or even enemy. Whatever it may be it will have you drawn in without wanting to look away. Knowing you are not
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Although chat rooms use to be the only way to meet new people you can now learn more about who you are meeting by simply reviewing their profile. Knowing someone 's interest without having to talk to them and going through the chance of not having anything in common makes it easier to meet new people. Many perks from using social media to meet someone new may have you convince and doing it more often then expect. Although it 's always fun and easy to do have you thought of the danger it may bring you? Many people pretend to be someone their not by using someone elses photos and impersonating them or as some people call the term "getting catfished". Where someone is this perfect attractive person and when you go to meet them they turn out to be a whole different person who looks nothing as who they portrayed themselves to be. Not only may they not be themselves but in many cases for teens it happens to be predators preying on younger kids. Yet many times you don 't have any idea of the surprises of meeting new people through social media may bring …show more content…
Although many times gone unnoticed violence causes people to avoid social media. Jealousy causes a lot of violence on social media. Many people want what others have and of course on social media you are able to post everything you may have. What 's wrong with that right? A lot unfortunately there are still many people out here just waiting to see who they can steal from. Let 's not think that the only jealousy that goes on social media is only about material things but also jealousy in relationships. Many people don’t like to see someone happy while their alone so what do they do is contact someone from that relationship which causes tension in a relationship. Which may then lead to fight with just a simple like on a picture or may it be a flirtatious comment. Yes sadly people do fight over things like that and other times take it further. Not only does jealousy cause violence but many people like to upload fights or even sadly killings. Yes very scary but true not only is it sad but it to causes it to happen. Yes it even encourages other people to do the same and upload it onto social media. But the most common of all negativity of social media there is cyberbully. Where the less fortunate ones are bullied. Or even the skinniest person or most heavy set person may be picked on. Unfortunately 52% of people report being bullied. Although

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