Social Media Paper

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Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, give people worldwide a place to put up pictures, videos and interact with friends/family at any time and place. You can add friends, join groups, attend events, and buy tickets, play games, and search for old school/college friends, chat and more. Every second person owns an account, and now teens and older adults are fast catching up with this trend of keeping in touch with others online. The main increase in social media has been Facebook. It was ranked as the number one social networking site. Facebook is a social networking utility. It has similar purpose to sites such as Friendster, MySpace, Bebo, etc. The major difference is that Facebook has applications that you may add. …show more content…
Social networking platforms may allow organizations to improve communication and productivity by disseminating information among different groups of employees in a more efficient manner, resulting in increased productivity. While it is not meant to be all-inclusive, the list below outlines some of the possible advantages and disadvantages. No matter if you are searching for that former college roommate, your first grade teacher, or an international friend, there is no easier or faster way to make a connection than via the social network. Although Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and MySpace are probably the best known social networking communities, there are new websites popping up regularly dedicated to allowing people to connect and to interact via the Internet. Through such sites, individuals make new friends or business connections or extend their personal base by connecting and interacting with friends of friends and so forth. These connections can help one with a variety of things such as: Finding romance, seeking a new job, locating assistance, getting and giving product and service referrals, receiving support from like-minded individuals, and making or receiving advice on career or personal issues. In many ways, social communities are the virtual equivalent of meeting at the general store or at church socials to exchange news and get updated on friends and families. Snail mail pen pals have been replaced by

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