Essay Social Media Has Changed The World

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Through-out the last few years, many have observed the rapid growth of social networking into culture and its integration into many daily lives, (Ofcom, 2008). Social Media are forms of electronic communication in which users can produce communities online in order to share information, personal messages and their ideas. (Yap, Perez and Ayson, 2015).
Social media has profoundly changed the way the world thinks and how organisations think, especially surrounding advertising and recruitment (The Economist, 2014). Furthermore, organisations have had to adapt to social media remarkably fast (Barnes, 2008), as social media enables customers to easily communicate with an organisation to keep up to date on its news, to make complaints and enquiries and to access chat functions (Go and You, 2016). Kiron et. Al (2012) discovered that 18% of managers believed that social media was important for their business and they estimated this would increase to more than 63% by 2015. With such a large platform, it is understandable that so many professionals, students and individuals use it on an almost daily basis (American Press Institute, 2015).
Boyd and Nicole (2007) have defined social media as a web based service that creates a real-time direct text-based communication between two or more persons that allow individuals to share a connection, and construct a public profile within a confined system. Organisations have an increasing amount of social media applications available to them and…

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