Youtuber's Influence On Teenagers Analysis

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A discussion about the effect of youtubers on teenagers has risen more than ever before. Researchers have agreed that youtubers are more than entertainment for the youth. By observing teenagers and the rise of YouTube in the last five years, it is apparent that although teenagers don’t consciously follow these influences, they subconsciously follow these general topics; teenagers watch youtubers daily, teenagers change their behavior according to the youtubers they watch, and teenagers favorite youtubers over traditional celebrities. Ahead is further analysis of each general topic to fully understand the influence of youtubers on teenagers.
Successful content creators become social influencers with a lot of persuasive influence. Their influence
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According to studies, among American teenagers, relatability and attainability are two of the biggest reasons teenagers are impacted by YouTubers (Stuart, 2015) This makes sense when one identifies that 59% of 13-year old’s follow YouTubers on social media and only 32% following TV and movie stars. They are relatable because often they are around similar age and lead normal lives. The only difference is that they use their cameras to show their unique personalities to entertain and laugh. Teenagers feel more related to YouTubers, because they are perceived as equal. They are ‘just’ average kids creating unique content on the Internet and can be the boy or girl living next door or a kid from the same school. This authenticity is why teenagers identify closely with youtubers. (Westenberg , p. 8, …show more content…
According to Garcia Jimenez, people identify with models and adopt their behaviors, values, beliefs and attitudes (Jimenez, 1986). An article made by Global Cosmetic Industry (2016) illustrates how new business models are emerging from the influence of YouTube. 60% of U.S. smartphone users between the ages of 13 and 34 are using the platform, a sweet spot for marketers advertising towards generation “Z” and Millennials. Because their target audience is mostly concentrated in these areas, brands can mold their marketing tactics specifically to fit this format. In return, “digital has greatly lowered the cost of distribution. The result is rising consumer demand for newness and variety, resulting in more brands fitting for teenagers to emerge into the scene.” (Influencer Marketing, 2012) If the person one looks up to acts a certain way or says certain things that are agreeable with oneself, it is more likely that the person will identify with them and thus copy behavior (Jimenez, 1986). When companies contact and make sponsorships with these youtubers, it is common for teenagers to look towards the products their role models are using and buying. YouTuber influence in product advertising is successful because of their expertise, popularity and reputation (Influencer Marketing,

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