Social Media Good Or Bad Essay

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Some may argue that the internet is used for good, but it can also be argued that social media can have a negative effect on people. The amount of time spent on social media by teens and young adults has increased tremendously. Should people spend less time on social media? The negative effects of social media have always outweighed the good. There are many positive things open on the internet. If someone wanted to find an old friend or teacher they could use Facebook. If you have a business and needed to promote yourself social media is one of the best tools and it’s free. Many things come with social media. Cyber bullying has been one of the biggest epidemics of social media. On the other hand people put negative things on social media often. …show more content…
(Kang, Cecilia. "Teens in Survey Paint Positive Picture of Effect of Social Media on Their Lives." Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 6 July 2015.) Instead of texting now a days they post pictures to Instagram. According to Africa News Services Instagram has crossed the 300 million user mark. More and more teens are now using Instagram to display their life to random people they do not know. I’ve watched Instagram evolve and destroy self-esteem. Teens and young adults take pictures of what they think they life should look like. They become influenced by celebrities and people they feel are more important than they are. Instagram is one of the most toxic social media outlets created today. Everyone wants to either be rich or at least look like it. Young girls started taking pictures half naked because they feel that this is the only way to get likes on a picture. Young boys post pictures of money to impresses girls or they feel that it makes them better than their fellow peer. Instagram is constantly evolving with constant updates every few months to heighten the social networks experience. People will go as far as buying followers just to be accepted by their

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