Social Media And The Internet Essay

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With today’s society something that can help or destroy investigations is the internet and the various forms of social media. There are many various types of cases that found information and proof on the internet. In the case of Ahlquist v. City of Cranston, Dist. Court, D. Rhode Island 2012 the plaintiff was a student at the local public school. She was an atheist and it was a case of cyber bullying because most of the school was involved in a religion and they took offence to the plaintiff wanting the wall with the prayer on it due to it seemed to ostracize all of the students who were not religious. The plaintiff was bullied due to speaking up about how they were being treated within the school system and on social media. The court ended up granting the Plaintiff’s motion for a mandatory permanent injunction and ordered the immediate removal of the school prayer mural. This case shows how social media and the internet can be something that is used for “evil” and how it can be used as proof within some cases. Since some of the bullying was done online the Plaintiff would have had proof that it was going on rather than something that could be ignored because there was no physical proof. There are many more cases where social networks have been used to find, identify and gather evidence for cases as long as it is where the public can view it. In 2008 a Cincinnati police officer used Facebook to identify an important gang, and Fox news claimed that she was the first…

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