Essay Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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Throughout the last fifty years the use of the internet has drastically changed. In 1970 there was only an estimated 100,000 computers in use in the United States with only a few of them being “networked” (Schell). Now the nearly 2.5 billion active internet users can do practically everything on their computers, “Today it is possible to order groceries or have food delivered, maintain friendships, debate politics, science, or religion, or meet and date potential romantic partners entirely on the web” (Ferguson). Especially now with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, more teenagers are living in a digital world than in the real world. “Social media is a general term for both Web based and mobile technologies that facilitate social interaction online” (Longe). Just by walking outside in a public place you will notice how many people are glued to their cell phones or tablets not paying any attention to anything going on around them. Social media creates lasting problems for teenagers in the U.S. They do not realize that they have an addiction, are possibly developing sleep disturbances and mental health problems, that social media is preventing them from making and maintaining real life relationships, their chances of being in car accidents are greater, and that they are giving up their privacy. A lot of people see social media as great a way to get information quickly about things that are going on. There are a lot of “neighborhood groups” where…

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